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History & Religion

History & Religion

A solitary island in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has had a rich history of being visited by seafaring travellers from neighbouring countries and empires. From the Assyrians to the Egyptians, the Persians to the Romans, Cyprus has seen hordes of visitors disembark on her shores over the centuries – each leaving their distinctive mark on the varied landscape.  It was in the early to Middle Bronze Ages that saw the...


Revel in the marvellous Mediterranean biodiversity, be it...


The Turkish Cypriot culture is a rich and...


Awaken your Taste Buds Cuisine as diverse as...
Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

North Cyprus is a complete location for health and...
Wedding & Honeymoon

Wedding & Honeymoon

Celebrate on the island of immortal mythic love,...
Sport & Training

Sport & Training

NCY offers a range of activities, suitable for...
Sea Life

Sea Life

Considering North Cyprus is surrounded by the Mediterranean...
Night Life

Night Life

The hustle and bustle during the day is...

Destinations For All


A small town whose outer margins encompass a stretch of picturesque coastline, the magnificent foothills of the Troodos Mountains, lakes and reservoirs.


Rich in agriculture and particularly famous for its citrus and strawberries.


Modest fishing town home to the 12th Century church of Blessed Virgin Mary.


Once upon a time Famagusta was the most important port city on the island.


The walled city that retains its rich historical character.


Cobblestoned old town with horseshoe shaped harbour.


Salamis Ruins

Ancient cities can be a window into the past of human society and Salamis serves as a reminder of the...


In North Cyprus, as in other Mediterranean countries the olive tree can be seen everywhere, in the wild and under...

Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque historically known as Cathedral of Saint Sophia, is a former Roman Catholic cathedral converted into a mosque.

Saint Hilarion Castle

Perched high in the Kyrenia mountain range, overlooking the Mediterranean and the surrounding areas of the North Cyprus landscape, stands...

Eco Tourism

The idea of ecotourism is to promote travel to places that have stayed relatively untouched by human intervention over the...

Seftali Kebab

No visit to NCY can be complete for non-vegetarians without trying this traditional feast.


The Besparmak Mountains are swarming with carob trees and the sweet thick syrup which Turkish Cypriots extract from the pods...

Cumbez Tree

In Famagusta town centre lies this ancient tree of colossal size.

Traditional Handicrafts

Many proud handicrafts of North Cyprus exist and are crafted to the very day, carrying forward years of cultural heritage...

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