Health & Wellness

North Cyprus is a complete location for health and medical tourism, as well as in vitro fertilisation.

Offering brand new state of the art medical, dental and IVF facilities at relatively low costs, NCY also presents an ideal climate for post-operative recuperation.

A growing number of visitors are looking to combine a visit or holiday to the Mediterranean with the opportunity to get private medical or fertility / IVF treatments, cosmetic or general surgery and dental treatments at a fraction of the usual cost in their home country.

North Cyprus annually hosts visitors from European countries, where operation waiting lists are long, private medical and dental treatment prices such as implants are high and where some treatments are simply not available.

A visit to the hospital or private clinic and visitors can request to see a doctor immediately with a fee as low as £30 for a medical examination. Tests can be carried out instantly, results coming from high-tech laboratories. Many hospitals and clinics have radiology departments, intensive care units and deal with dermatology, dietary, aesthetic, dental, physiotherapy, IVF, and cardiac related health matters.


As a result of the developing scientific environment of universities on the island, the most advanced hospitals of the eastern Mediterranean region are established in North Cyprus offering world-class treatments and placing NCY as a recognised health tourism destination.

Fertility treatment choices available and unique to NCY include services such as gender selection, the concept of a tandem cycle and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. IVF treatment is open to all in North Cyprus with no discrimination on grounds of race, colour, ethnicity or sexuality.

NCY is also the perfect location for recuperation from any sort of operation or procedure. The amount saved by undergoing private medical or dental work in North Cyprus, compared with the cost for the same treatment in the UK or elsewhere, easily covers the cost of the flights and often the accommodation too. Many elderly patients particularly find the warm climate has an extremely positive effect on a range of conditions including arthritis and asthma, as well as being a great climate for their recovery.

With over 300 days sunshine a year, health tourism also prospers in off season months where flight and accommodation costs are relatively much cheaper.

Any visitors staying in 5* hotel accommodation also benefit from extensive wellness facilities offering both local and international methodologies alike.