Wait for the Sunset!

The hustle and bustle during the day is eclipsed by the evenings when NCY really comes to life.

Alongside a congested annual events calendar, Turkish Cypriots love to be entertained and relish the occasion to mingle and go out, especially at night.

Whether it be a Turkish Coffee with friends at a café or cocktails at a trendy bar, an appetite for tasting flavoursome Shisha, a moonlight meal by the sea or a night out on the dance floor, when the sun sets, locals come out to play!

Food & Drink

There is no end to the delicacies of North Cyprus, and a typical evening may start with the clinking of glasses over a delicious meal. Many restaurants cater for all types of Cypriot, Mediterranean and International cuisines, and you will always receive value for money wherever you dine, whether it be a typical healthy Cypriot fast food joint to an a la carte venue overlooking the moon glade. 

Another local favourite are the meyhane’s, typical bistro or tavernas, where people sit together around tables draped in red or white linen, eat a colossal amount of meze’s followed by meat or seafood whilst sipping their raki.  

Bars & Clubs

What better to do after a hefty meal than to get jiggy on the dance floor, and the NCY bar & club scene is lively to say the least!

Hosting two of Europe’s most advanced clubs, it is no wonder therefore that international artists such as Tiesto, Tinie Tempah and Fatman Scoop have lined the NCY stages in recent years.

If you are visiting in the summer especially, open air clubs in Kyrenia line the Med, and thousands flock to these venues each night.

Concept parties, stage performers, live PA’s, light shows, fireworks’ displays, and sublime cocktails can be expected in a ‘normal’ night.

Spirits and Mixers cost £4 - £5 and you can also reserve private tables, costing on average £250 with a bottle included.

All venues will have a strong security presence, and anti-social behaviour is not tolerated – NCY prefers calm and cool, and ladies on their own generally don’t feel antagonised by their surroundings. 

Dress codes are important, smart casual is always a must for men, and most venues do not allow admissions for groups with lads only.   

It is no wonder therefore the saying, “if you prefer style and lavish head to the North, if you prefer chavish go to Ayia Napa!”

If you’re after a less commercial or cosier atmosphere, then look no further than the roof bars and beach bars offering a calmer and stylish ambiance, entertainment provided by a DJ or live music, jazz and latin can be found in smaller concept venues.      


Did you Know?

The words Club and Nightclub are not used interchangeably in North Cyprus. Whereas the former refers to a disco, the latter is an entertainment venue mainly for men, offering live female strip- dance performances. So, if you get into a taxi and ask the driver to take you to a Nightclub, you may find yourself outside a strip bar in the rural towns of Alaykoy and Guzelyurt.     


If you’re feeling lucky, any night may lead you to the glittering doors of one of many casino’s in North Cyprus.

Many of these NCY establishments have the highest technologies available in gaming and provide an ultimate service for their adrenalin filled guests.

Even if you have never played before, you can watch the hundreds around you and food and drink is served to tables and machines free of charge.  

For a better understanding of the casino life in North Cyprus, visit our featured page.