05-06 Sep

Trickle and Treat!

This annual festival held by the Tatlisu Municipality contributes to promotion of the region and the continuation of carob and molasses production.

A festival timed to coincide with the yearly harvest, carob trees have a historic and economical attachment to the island.

Once dubbed the “Cyprus Black Gold”, carobs were a major export commodity to Europe and a healthy cash source to the island.  

The speciality pekmez (molasses) condiment, produced by boiling carob powder into a reduction is a local favourite which provides many health benefits.

Carob powder is sometimes used to replace cocoa powder and Carob bars are also analternative to chocolate bars and are nowadays often found overseas in health stores and vegan food providers.

Another speciality to expect at this festival is a sweet fermented drink brewed with pekmez, drank ice cold, and served free of charge to all guests attending the celebrations.

Numerous handicrafts will be on display, plentiful food and beverage stands as well as various music, cultural and artistic activities throughout this weekend event.

Although Tatlisu is in a very rural region and not the nearest destination, to make a day of it, you can visit the Minia Cyprus open air Museum and the eleventh century Sourp Magar Armenian monastery nearby. There are a few untouched beaches nearby as well if you want to cool off in the late afternoon.