Located in the centre of the ancient world and cradle of western civilization, our towns each showcase individual unique features that appeal to all group of visitors to the island.

Strategically poised at the crossroads of commercial and religious traffic between three continents, North Cyprus has hosted several civilisations over the centuries, each which have accumulated into a rich heritage throughout, all whilst maintaining its unspoilt natural beauty. Take a look for yourself…

A small town whose outer margins encompass a stretch of picturesque coastline, the magnificent foothills of the Troodos Mountains, lakes and reservoirs.
Rich in agriculture and particularly famous for its citrus and strawberries.
Modest fishing town home to the 12th Century church of Blessed Virgin Mary.
Once upon a time Famagusta was the most important port city on the island.
The walled city that retains its rich historical character.
Cobblestoned old town with horseshoe shaped harbour.