Let the Sun Shine!

The healthy Mediterranean climate that blesses North Cyprus allows for an all year assortment of rewarding and pleasurable leisure activities.

Long sunny Summer days across hot yellow sands complimented with the refreshing plunge into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, a delight for the kids and adults alike. It is well advised to seek some beach-side shade and sun cream in this season as temperatures easily exceed 40°C at its peak.  

The weather in the Spring and Autumn while not as scorching hot is still warm but in the balmy evenings you may need to throw a jacket over your day-time T-Shirt. This seasonal relief from the high summer sun also opens up a plethora of possibilities – activities such as cycling, hiking, nature watching and a range of land and water sports including golf, tennis, water skiing and snorkelling all await the enthusiast, or indeed the beginner.

Whilst the locals cool down in the sea from June – September, most Westerner’s from much harsher climes are known to dip into the East Med from April onwards all the way through to the end of November.

Even paradise must experience a Winter, but North Cyprus’s is still pleasantly mild, averaging 10°Cin the coldest month of January. A time for those seeking a relaxing break away from the hubbub of everyday life, there is an air of quiet Cypriot relaxation, time to re-charge the batteries amid the stunning scenery and the delicious cuisine.