frequently asked questions

The proactive and rapid response by North Cyprus in the fight against the corona virus has been a success story even recognised by the World Health Organisation. With a total of 108 recorded positive cases and none since 17 April 2020, the country continues to take advanced hygiene precautions to protect holiday makers. Click here to read more about our “Stay Safe” campaign.

Official Name

North Cyprus (Kuzey Kibris) is officially recognised as TRNC or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – all are used interchangeably. Kibris (ky-briz) is the Turkish word for Cyprus.

Time Zone

North Cyprus is in the Eastern European Time Zone and Standard Time is +2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


The last official census in 2011 figured at just under 300,000 however current estimations calculate above 500,000, with the capital Nicosia the most densely populated city.  


The international dialling code for North Cyprus is +90 as is in Turkey, the local dialling code throughout is (0)392. There are two global GSM operators, both with units at Ercan Airport offering arriving visitors sim card and/or pre-paid vacation packages.  

WiFi Internet is readily available across the island, in public areas and most private venues.

Cross Boarder Movement

If you are a tourist visiting Northern Cyprus and decide to travel to Southern Cyprus, you can cross at one of the many designated checkpoints open 24 hours, by foot or vehicle, by presenting your passport to Turkish Cypriot passport control. There are no restrictions on how many times you cross. The reverse is also true when travelling from the South to North Cyprus. Visit the Visa & Entry page for more detailed information. 

Driving Regulations

Cypriot driving regulations are similar to those in the UK and driving is on the left. You may be fined if you drive without a seat belt and heavier fines also apply if you use a mobile telephone or are under the influence of alcohol while driving. When hiring a vehicle, check that it is roadworthy and that you have appropriate insurance cover and safety equipment.

In general vehicles hired in the NCY are not insured for use in South Cyprus, therefore it is advised to check with your insurance company first – you will not be allowed through a crossing without the correct insurance documents. At some of the crossing points it is possible to buy car insurance for driving on either side of the island.


Various facilities are available to visitors with special access needs visiting North Cyprus.

Ercan Airport is fully accessible for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, and designated staff are available to assist.

Most 4* and 5 * accommodation provide a range of facilities to meet special needs and requirements.

Most towns in Cyprus are accessible with a wheelchair, but works are still ongoing to improve infrastructure and meet EU standards, therefore it is advised for wheelchair users to be accompanied by an assistant. Designated places for parking are available over the island, both on public roads and car parks.


IVF, an assisted fertility treatment aids some couples facing difficulties with conceiving. It involves controlled stimulation of ovaries using stimulation injections, follicular tracking, egg collection, inseminating eggs and sperms and transfer of one or more good quality embryo. It can be combined with other relevant procedures as appropriate. Discover our Health & Wellness page for further details.

Airport Lounge

At the current terminal at Ercan Airport, a CIP lounge is available for outbound passengers with business class tickets, Star Gold Alliance and Priority Pass membership. When available, this lounge also accepts guests for a per person rate. A new terminal which is due to open at the end of this year will accommodate a greater range of lounges with differing arrangements and agreements.


Tipping is not a huge deal in North Cyprus, though is expected for certain services, for example, waiters, hotel staff and tour guides. In some restaurants a service charge may be included, if not a 10% tip is usually appreciated.