North Cyprus is free from dangerous infectious diseases, hence there are no vaccination requirements for international travellers.

All visitors are entitled to free emergency medical treatment at state hospitals, and all blood banks have been HIV screened – most doctors can converse in English.

Many hotels arrange for Medical Services for their guests upon request. Global health insurance policies are also covered in the many private hospitals and clinics located in urban areas.

Ezcane’s or chemist shops, which are signed with a large red coloured “E” can recommend medicines for common holiday illnesses, and many drugs such as antibiotics are available cheaply over the counter, with no need for prescriptions. Almost all brands of manufactured European brands can be found. After normal working hours, a few chemists will remain open on rotation until past midnight 7 days a week, the relevant information available on all shop windows.

In case of health emergencies, dialling 112 will direct you to the relevant emergency services. 

NCY is also reputably a safe and friendly island, with a very low-level violent crime rate. 

There is no harassment of lone females and as a tourist destination it is untainted by the sort of expectations raised by the behaviour of some visitors to other parts of the Mediterranean.

The National Police Force are stationed in all major towns and can be reached on 155 in emergency situations.

Should you inadvertently stray into a military area, you will be politely escorted out and redirected – notices stating ‘No Photography’ should always be taken seriously, as should the reduced speed limits in force if driving past them.