Ceviz Macun

A famous Cypriot fruit preserve of small green walnuts, this spoon sweet is a local favourite.

Fruit preserves, generally served in little plates or on miniature forks, are an inherent part of Cypriot culture, where they are offered to guests as an act of hospitality. Almost all fruits, nuts and even vegetables can be made into a preserve.

Ceviz Macun is made with unripe walnuts when they are green and tender, notably around the end of Spring or early summer, when the inner shell is still soft.

The procedure for making this speciality a bit labour intensive, lasting a week from branch to table, but it is well worth the while.

Whilst walnuts are known to give the body energy and contribute to the sexual health of men, this combination with sugar counsels a single serving at any one time!

Served as a desert at most local dineries, they can also be found jarred in most supermarkets, and make a healthy treat to take back home.