Diving is very popular activity for many in North Cyprus, and there are some really good clubs that can provide training courses, trial dives and trips to great diving locations.

If you are interested in donning a wetsuit during your holiday, the diverse marine and reef life of NCY will provide divers an experience to remember.

If you have never tried scuba diving before, do not be concerned – North Cyprus is the place to learn. You can participate in trial dives and then go on to do a course and dive if you have time.

You can often have a free trial in a pool or sheltered sea coves with all the kit you will need, to see if you feel able to take on the task in seawaters. If you decide to progress to a sea-based trial dive, then you have a wide choice of courses to participate in. 

There are several sites located all along the NCY coast and you will not be disappointed – ship and plane wrecks, caves, reefs and an abundance of fish that will watch you with intense interest. 

You will find crystal-clear and unpolluted shores where the marine life is still undisturbed, with underwater visibility over thirty metres in places. You may find yourself swimming alongside the island’s famous turtles, staring at stingrays or chasing an octopus across the corals and rocks.

Kyrenia is the main centre for diving and most of the schools are based there, with over twenty dive sites within easy reach of the harbour alone. Diving centres are easy to find and also operate within hotel resorts or beach clubs.

The rugged coastline has claimed many ships over the centuries, and you can dive at the site of where the world’s oldest trading ship was found – this famous shipwreck site, whose contents are now housed in the Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum, is a popular dive spot for beginner and experienced divers alike. 

You can also join dive safaris to the Karpaz region, where dive sites include underwater caverns and a cargo ship lying at below twenty metres.

Instructors should be fully qualified and be able to provide the necessary accreditation and insurance. Companies that run courses and expeditions should be certified to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club), giving them the necessary qualifications to supervise and teach new divers. 

Suitable for all age groups, you can also find special Seal Group sessions aimed at introducing children to diving or PADI Bubblemaker course for children aged over eight.

For serious dive lovers, you have an opportunity to discover the deeper depths of the North Cyprus coastline and some fascinating wrecks – dives usually over two hours.   

The diving season runs from May through to October – course prices vary, but a general cost for one dive is around £35.

Evidently there is plenty to see if you would like to try out diving in North Cyprus, so if you fancy something a little different or would like to see the underwater side of Mediterranean life, then you are spoilt for choice. 

Scuba Diving on your own along the coast of North Cyprus is not permitted, and needless to say it is illegal to move any historical artefacts.

If you prefer to snorkel than dive, many centres are happy to take you on snorkelling trips too.